Hello, welcome to our page! We are Godsend a christian praise band out of Terre Haute IN


Possible music Event 

Hey Band members a guy who is a creator of Wabash valley musicians is looking for groups for a event. ill post what he had to say:

Matthew James Westerfield

Had a meeting with the American Cancer Society Relay for Life organizers. The event is to take place at Rose Hulman's recreation center on Saturday May 3rd. I will discuss what they need, and what they are offering. Any bands who are interested, please respond to this thread, I will then PM the info to you. Any band wanting to be a part of this, please do so out of your desire to help raise money for Cancer research.



We just wanted to give out some thank you's to the Hymera IN Bethel Methodist church and also 7th&8th United Christain church of Indianapolis for having us be a part of your musical events!!!


Our Cd is in the process of being complete. Stay tuned for more details when it is finished

youtube video 

We just uploaded a youtube video called: In Secret Place. hope you check it out, and feel free to comment on it. Thanks